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B series connector plug assembly instructions


Plug assembly instructions:

B series connector plug

1. Pass the cable through the sheath 1, the tail nut 2, the cable clamp 3, and solder to the insulator assembly 5 in order.

2. Attach two pieces of insulator snap ring 4 to the welded insulator assembly 5, noting that the window on the snap ring 4 corresponds to the protrusion on the insulator assembly 5.

3. Install the cable clamp 3 in the proper position of the cable. Note that the protrusion on the cable clamp 3 corresponds to the groove on the insulator snap ring 4.

4. Push the insulator assembly 5. the insulator collar 4 and the cable clamp 3 into the plug assembly in turn, and note that the protrusions on the insulator collar 4 are correspondingly inserted into the notches in the plug assembly.

5. Screw the tail nut 2 onto the plug assembly 6

6. Insert the sheath 1 into the corresponding step of the tail nut 2.

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