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Analysis of the types of coaxial connectors

The coaxial connector is used to transmit RF signals, and its transmission frequency is very wide, up to 18 GHz or higher, mainly used for radar. Communication, data transmission and aviation air equipment. The basic structure of the coaxial connector includes: a center conductor (a positive or negative center contact); a dielectric material outside the inner conductor, or an insulator, and the outermost is an outer contact, which serves as a shield outside the coaxial cable. The same function of the layer, that is, the signal transmission, the grounding element as a shield or circuit.

Analysis of the types of coaxial connectors

The coaxial connectors are mainly divided into: SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, SMC, N-type, BMA, and the like.

Male: Male (plug), thread inside, inside is the needle. Such as TNC (M).

Female: Female (socket), threaded outside, inside is a hole. Such as SMA (F).

RP: Reverse

Polarity means that the head and the inside of the needle are opposite.

Bulkhead: The connector that locks the screw on the board contains the washer, the screw and the retaining wall (such as SMA FEMALE BULKHEAD).

PCB: A connector that has feet and can be soldered to the board (eg SMA FEMAL PCN).

Panel: There are screw holes. The connectors that can be screwed onto the board (such as SMA PANEL MOUNT) usually have 4 holes and 2 holes.

1, SMA

The SMA series connector is a widely used small-threaded coaxial connector with excellent life performance and high reliability. It is widely used in microwave equipment and digital communication equipment RF back-coaxial cable assemblies or microstrips.

It is commonly used on wireless devices for the GPS clock interface on the board and the base station RF module.

2, SMB

SMB type coaxial connector is a small push-in locking RF coaxial connector with small size, light weight, convenient use and excellent electrical performance. It is suitable for high frequency circuits of radio equipment and electronic instruments. Connect to coaxial cable.

It is commonly used on a wireless device to connect a base station-side E1 transmission cable to a base station DDF small transmission box.

3, BNC

BNC type coaxial connector is a bayonet type RF coaxial connector with fast connection and reliable contact. It is widely used in radio equipment and electronic equipment. It is widely used in wireless test instruments on wireless. Cable connector.

4, TNC

TNC type coaxial connector is a threaded connector type RF coaxial connector with working frequency bandwidth, reliable connection and good seismic performance. It is used for connecting RF cables in radio equipment and instruments, especially suitable for vibration conditions. Under the mobile communication device.

5, SMC

SMC type coaxial connector is a small threaded RF coaxial connector with small size, light weight, good shock resistance and high reliability. It is used for connecting RF coaxial cable in radio equipment and instruments. Use less in our devices.

6, N type

The N-series coaxial connector is a medium-to-high-power connector with a threaded connector structure that is shock-resistant, highly reliable, and has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It is widely used for vibration: and radio under harsh conditions. Connect RF coaxial cable to equipment and instruments.

Commonly used in GPS antenna feeders, radio frequency connection of RF modules, lightning arresters, power dividers, combiners and other connectors.

7, DIN type

The DIN (also known as 7/16 or L29) series of coaxial connectors are a large threaded connector with robust, low loss, high operating voltage, and most have a waterproof structure for outdoor use. Medium and high energy transmission connectors are widely used in microwave transmission and mobile communication systems.

Commonly used in base station antenna feeder connectors, antenna connectors, etc.

8, coaxial terminal

The coaxial terminal load is used for the end connection of the coaxial transmission system, and is generally used for system testing of radio frequency signal transmission. It has a characteristic impedance adapted to the transmission line, and is an absorption component in the system, and the characteristic impedances are 50 ohms and 75 ohms, respectively.

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