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Connector three major technical directions

Connector three major technical directions

Cables and connectors are an important part of industrial robots, and their development has a great impact on industrial robots. Traditional industrial robots have been unable to meet the requirements of industrial manufacturing development. At present, customers have put forward comprehensive requirements such as “wireless, customized and flexible” in the field of industrial robot connection.

1, wireless

Industry 4.0 replaces traditional wired fieldbus technology, and this change is driving a major disruptive change need, the wireless interconnect system.

In many operating environments, it is not possible to connect the robot and only transmit signals to the robot via a wireless connection. Obviously, compared with the traditional connection method, the development of industrial robots will inevitably bring about tremendous changes in the connector field, and this new development will also feed back other areas of connectors, which will revolutionize the entire connected device. Progress prospects.

2, customized

In addition to the expanding needs of "wireless" technology, product "customization" is particularly important in the industrial sector. Industry insiders know that traditional connectors and cables are mostly passive products, and manufacturers can provide standardized products to customers.
However, with the emergence of electronic product diversification and intelligent demand, manufacturers need more “customized” products to meet customer needs, especially in the industrial field, connector manufacturers need to develop new products together with customers to meet customer uniqueness. The shape and function needed.

3, flexible

In addition, industrial automation has also proposed "flexibility" requirements. With the development of intelligence and digitalization, the demand for innovation in industrial connection is becoming more and more stringent. For example, in the realization of system flexibility, a large number of plug-in cables and interface methods need to be turned into a non-contact flexible mode.

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