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Future connector development direction

Since the consumption hotspots in the electronic market have been concentrated on digital products and communication equipment in recent years, this hot demand has not only driven the development of the power market in the same industry, but also led the growth of the upstream components field. According to a recent report from China Electronics News, the demand for battery connectors, sim card connectors and fpc connectors is the largest in mobile phone connectors, accounting for about 50% of the total demand. At present, the outstanding communication multimedia market has benefited from the popularity of mobile multimedia, and the demand for connector-related products has increased greatly. It is expected that in the future, manufacturers will have a very good performance in this area.
1. Miniaturization technology for connectors
This technology is mainly developed for the trend of connector miniaturization, and can be applied to micro-miniature connectors of 0.3mm or less, belonging to a new variety of MINI USB series products. It can be used in multi-contact expansion card slot connectors, which can meet and exceed the strict requirements of multi-contact surface adhesion technology to meet the common face of joints with high precision and low cost.
2, high frequency and high speed wireless transmission connector technology
This technology is mainly used for a variety of wireless device communication applications, and has a wide range of applications.
3. Research on simulation application technology
The simulation technology is based on a variety of disciplines and theories, using computers and their corresponding software such as AutoCAD, Pro/E program stress analysis software as tools, through the establishment of product models and corresponding boundary conditions, mechanical, electrical, high frequency The performance is confirmed by simulation analysis, thereby reducing the cost of product development failure caused by factors such as material selection and unreasonable structure, and improving the development success rate, which helps to support the realization of complex system applications.
4, connector wisdom technology
This technology is mainly used in the DC series power connector products. It can perform intelligent signal detection before transmitting the power to ensure that the positive and negative poles are turned on and the power is turned on after the plug is inserted in place, so as to avoid being in place when the plug is inserted. In the future, the company will develop similar intelligent technologies for other products due to the adverse effects of arc injury and burning.
5, precision connector technology
Precision connectors involve many aspects such as product design, process technology and quality control technology. The main technologies include the following:
(1) Precision mold processing technology: Adopting CAD, CAM and other technologies, introducing high-precision processing equipment in the industry, using personnel production experience and advanced equipment technology to achieve high-precision high-quality mold products.
(2) Precision stamping and precision injection molding technology: to achieve all-round control, perfect surface quality and perfect surface quality of all kinds of stamping parts and injection parts, to ensure product quality.
(3) Automated assembly technology: Overcoming the problems of manual operation of precision products and improving core competitiveness by applying precision control technology and semi-automatic inspection machine technology.

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