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HR10 series micro-circular automation connector

Autumn is getting stronger and the pace of technology is never stopped. In order to meet the requirements of various environments, Spring Technology has specially manufactured and introduced the HR10 series micro-circular automation connector

These products have the following characteristics: 

  1. Push-pull self- Locking connection, connection separation is simple and quick (the shell surface is non-slip design, the sound is self-locking)
  2. Compact self-locking device guarantee a firm and reliable connection
  3. Adopt a reasonable five-key design with complete anti-blind insertion function
  4. Miniaturized and compact structure design (effectively saves equipment space and realizes micro-mini design of equipment)
  5. Contact type: welded type, plated PCB type, crimp type

Miniature push-pull self-locking circular electronic connectors are widely used in electronics, instrumentation, video processing, medical equipment, etc.

Product profile:

main product:

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