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Why is the electronic connector ushered in a price hike?

As electronic products continue to move toward refinement, connector applications are also welcoming new enthusiasm, and the consequent increase in demand, connector manufacturers are now facing a series of problems, of which price fluctuations are particularly obvious. As the market for raw materials such as metals and plastics used in connector manufacturing fluctuated greatly, and a large number of factories were transferred to Asia, disputes over technology transfer and wages were also triggered. These phenomena are particularly evident in this year's Sino-US trade war.

With the advent of emerging fields such as the Internet of Things, intelligent devices, big data, new energy industries and the new economic environment, the use of connectors has only increased a lot, so how to seize the more popular modularity, miniaturization and functions in the future market The connector is a problem that every manufacturer has to consider.

At the same time as major manufacturers expand production scale, why do we still face the dilemma of connector price increases? Because all countries in the world are beginning to implement environmental protection policies, this directly prevents the idea of connector manufacturers to expand production, but also requires more energy, time and money to invest in improving production.

At present, in the domestic market, many standard connectors have become commercial products, the profit margin is very small, and after a series of environmental protection policies implemented by the EU, connector manufacturers have to invest more expensive raw materials and strengthen again. The regulation of the manufacturing process, which makes the connector for the survival of the enterprise, has to adopt a price increase strategy.

In addition, many connector manufacturers in the world are also affected by local environmental protection policies, which directly limits the production capacity of major manufacturers, resulting in insufficient capacity, which seriously affects the needs of downstream enterprises for connectors. In addition, the short-term world market can not adjust the producers' production expansion and the demand side increases. In the future, the price of connectors will increase, and the rise of raw material prices is also short-term. One of the factors that the price of the inner connector cannot be lowered.

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