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With the development of industrial robots, the requirements for connectors are getting higher and higher.

With the popularity of robots in industrial workplaces, downtime problems have arisen in the identification of problems, which has increased the demand for ultra-reliable components.

Industrial robotics have emerged for more than half a century, but now they are changing industrial workplaces. Today's industrial robots bring productivity, cost efficiency and greater safety to repetitive tasks . Behind every effective and reliable robot are countless scalable and flexible connectors to support these massive, automatic and/or remote robot activities.

Common industrial mobile robotics for detecting objects and obstacles include radar, cameras, optics, and ultrasound. Radar, optical and ultrasonic sensing transmit high frequency waves to the atmosphere and around the circuit. Light and ultrasound listen to or observe the echoes reflected back from any obstacles. Radar sensors use antennas to find reflected RF waves. Optical time-of-flight (ToF) sensors use photodiodes to capture reflected light waves from obstacles. Therefore, with the development of robotics, it is not surprising that the development of connector technology.

The development of industrial robot technology offers greater flexibility, range of motion, speed, functionality and precision. In order for robots to operate in these complex ways, they must be able to collect and process large amounts of sensory data in harsh electrical and physical industrial environments.The task of the future is to identify and use highly reliable connectors to address this industrial challenge.

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