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  • B Series Push Pull Circular Connector
  • B Series Push Pull Circular Connector
  • B Series Push Pull Circular Connector
B Series Push Pull Circular ConnectorB Series Push Pull Circular ConnectorB Series Push Pull Circular Connector

B Series Push Pull Circular Connector

  • Product Item : TGG,ZGG,TEG,ZEG,TNG,ZHG...
  • Category:Multipoles Push Pull Circular Metal Connector
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  • Factory delivery:5~10 days
  • Delivery way: door to door via DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, BRE,UPS
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  • Product description:Manufacturing and sales push pull circular Connector,replace LEMOS connector, Factory direct sales,better quality at a reasonable price
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Brief introduction:

B-Series connector is an ergonomic, modular, rugged, and reliable circular connector which is used for quick and safe plug-in self-locking. The series can widely apply in Medical,Test & Measurement ,Research, Communications,Broadcast Connector,Machines ,Defense,Robotic, Aerospace,public sector,Information Systems,Motorsport, Miscellaneous applications.
The modular configuration includes a high density Multi-pin or core needle mix of all kinds of configurations.The type of the needle core can be a welded needle core, a crimped needle core, a PCB straight needle core or a bent corner needle core,
The SPRING B series products range in size from 00 to 5B .Also We can exchange with other standard parts.
Pin system enables higher contact densities to prevent intermixing.We can provide cable assemblies.

Please click here for technical data sheet, specification and product photo

Technical specification:

Pulling and inserting times



Maximum humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 60°





Mechanical shock


Salt spray corrosion test


Protection level


Connector type

Plug, Male Pins,socket,female pin

Number of positions

2~32 pin


Solder, crimpingprinted board

Fastening type




Shell material


Shell finish


Shell color


Contact material


Contact finish-mating


Contact color


Insert material

polyphenylene sulfite ( PPS)

Cable opening


Cable bend relief



range 12-32

Model No. Comparison Table (Spring, Lemos, Standard)

SPRING CONNECTOR LEMOS CONNECTOR Other circular connector suppliers
TGG Straight plug FGG Straight plug S1 Straight plug

TGG Straight plug

sheath type tail cap

FGG Straight plug

sheath type tail cap.

S2 Straight plug

Can be sheathed

TEG Straight plug FEG Straight plug

S4 Straight plug

Can be sheathed(IP68)

TNG Straight plug

With Unlock pull rope

FNG Straight plug

With Unlock pull rope

S8 Straight plug

with unlock pull rope

THG 90°corner plug FHG 90°corner plug W1 90°corner plug
TAG Fixed plug FAG Fixed plug AA Panel mounting plug
ZGG Fixed Socket EGG Fixed Socket

G1 Socket,

fixed inside the chassis

ZCG Fixed socket ECG Fixed socket

GA Socket,

fixed outside the chassis

ZEG Fixed socket EEG Fixed socket

G5 Socket

fixed inside/outside the chassis

ZCG Fixed socket

for printed circuit boards

90°corner needle pin

ECG Fixed socket

for printed circuit boards

90°corner needle pin

GA Socket,

for printed circuit boards

90°corner needle pin

ZHG Fixed socket EHG Fixed socket GH Socket,fixed inside the chassis
MGG Fixed socket HGG Fixed socket G2 Socket, fixed outside the chassis

MHG Fixed socket

waterproof when inserted

HHG Fixed socket

waterproof when inserted

G8 Socket

suitable for waterproofing of the chassis

MEG Fixed socket HEG Fixed socket

GD Socket

suitable for waterproofing of the chassis

DFG Fixed socket PFG Fixed socket G7 Socket,fixed inside the chassis
DHG Floating socket PHG Floating socket K1 Non-fixed socket

DHG Floating socket

sheath type tail cap

PHG Floating socket K2 Non-fixed socket, Can be sheathed

ZPG Socket

90° Right Angle Socket

for Printed Circuit Boards

EPG Socket

90° Right Angle Socket

for Printed Circuit Boards

GF Socket,PCB corner socket,

shield, solder fillet

ZXG Socket

90° Right Angle Socket

for Printed Circuit Boards

EXG Socket

90° Right Angle Socket

for Printed Circuit Boards

GG Socket,PCB corner socket,

shield, solder fillet and panel mount

Due to the large number of types, you can tell us the parameters such as the workplace and protection requirements of the products you need. We can help you choose the right model to meet your work requirements. If you need customization, we can also help you complete the customized products. We are able to offer complete cable solutions.Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Looking forward to working with you.

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