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  • Communications Connector
Communications Connector

Communications Connector

  • Category:Applications
  • Prices: Negotiation
  • Factory delivery:5~10 days
  • Delivery way: door to door via DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, BRE,UPS
  • Payment term: T/T, western union, Paylpay
  • Product description:connector used for Headsets/IBFs (Reporters),Remote Control,Networks,Antennas - Indoors.Factory direct sales,better quality at reasonable price
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B series,P series,S series,K series can be used in a wide range of Communications:

Headsets/IBFs (Reporters),Remote Control,Networks,Antennas - Indoors

Antennas - Indoors

Single and multiple coax as well as hybrid electrical/coax inserts save panel space and connection time.

Headsets/IBFs (Reporters)
Blind mating for ergonomic designs. Rugged and reliable to sutain many matings.

Remote Control
Multi-contact and hybrid inserts reduce space requirements and number of connections.

High speed connectors for CAT5, CAT6, CAT6A supporting various inserts.

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