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Military and safety

Military and safety

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  • Factory delivery:5~10 days
  • Delivery way: door to door via DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, BRE,UPS
  • Payment term: T/T, western union, Paylpay
  • Product description:connector uesd for Airborne Devices,Land Vehicles​,Personal Equipment (future soldier),Satellites and Space Vehicles,Ships and Marine Equipment etc.
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B series,F series,K series can be used in a wide range of military and safety:

whether it is the effects of extreme environments or strong mechanical stress: ensuring proper functioning even under the toughest conditions – this is a must for all connectors in military applications basic requirements. For example: The connector guarantees a fast signal flow at all times unless the communication system fails or the signal is interrupted. Rugged and reliable high-tech products can successfully provide connector products for the military safety field with the highest level of safety as the standard.

Airborne Devices (drone)
Light weight yet very rugged design for harsh environments. COTS ( commercial off the shelf) connector solutions.

Land Vehicles
Ruggedness, light weight (F), hybrid configurations for complex interfaces. Watertight designs.

Personal Equipment (future soldier)
Light weight, rugged, watertight versions, blind mating, keying options

Satellites and Space Vehicles
Light weight (F series), shielding (K series), reliability despite high vibration or large temperature swings.

Ships and Marine Equipment
High reliability despite vibrations, hybrid configurations for power and signals in one connector. Stainless steel options prevents corrosion.

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