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  • Pneumatic connector
  • Pneumatic connector
Pneumatic connectorPneumatic connector

Pneumatic connector

  • Product Item : QL-01/QL-02
  • Category:Unipoles Coaxial Circular Connector
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  • Factory delivery:5~10 days
  • Delivery way: door to door via DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, BRE,UPS
  • Payment term: T/T, western union, Paylpay
  • Product description:Pneumatic connector,made in china,Factory direct sales,better quality at a reasonable price,request a quote,sample
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Pneumatic connector

Brief introduction.

The air circuit connector developed by SPRING technology CO.,LTD is suitable for gas (water) pipe connection in medical equipment and industry. It is widely used in medical wire harnesses, monitors, blood oxygen probes and medical wires, air pipes and oxygen absorbers. And other fields. The product adopts fluoro rubber sealing ring, which has good sealing property, quick push and pull, and convenient operation.

Main Specifications:

Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ +60 ° C

Leakage rate: when the pressure difference is 400mmHg, no more than 4mmHg/min(0.5Kpa/min)

Mechanical life: >1000 times (connection and separation)

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