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  • single pin coaxial connector
single pin coaxial connector

single pin coaxial connector

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  • Product description:single-pin coaxial connector is a mechatronic product.Made in China,Factory direct sales,better quality at reasonable price.request a quote,sample.
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Brief introduction.

A single-core coaxial connector is generally considered to be an element attached to a cable or mounted on an instrument as an electrical connection or separate component of the transmission line. It is a mechatronic product. Simply put, it mainly serves as a bridge. Has the following characteristics;

Main features:

  1. Small size, quick insertion and removal of self-locking system for easy installation;
  2. There are straight type, 90° angle type and other different types of plugs;
  3. High frequency: transmission frequency is 3MHZ ∽ 30MHZ;
  4. Many functions: in addition to the role of the bridge, it also has the function of processing signals, such as filtering, phase adjustment, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting, etc.
  5. Low standing wave, low loss: meeting the needs of weapon systems and precision measurement;
  6. Large capacity, high power: mainly to meet the development needs of the information superhighway.

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Technical specification:

Pulling and inserting times



Maximum humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 60°





Mechanical shock


Salt spray corrosion test


Protection level


Connector type

Plug, Male Pins,socket,female pin

Number of positions

Single pin



Fastening type


Shell material


Shell finish


Shell color


Contact material


Contact finish-mating


Contact color


Insert material


Due to the large number of types, you can tell us the parameters such as the workplace and protection requirements of the products you need. We can help you choose the right model to meet your work requirements. If you need customization, we can also help you complete the customized products.We are able to offer complete cable solutions.Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Looking forward to working with you.

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